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Welcome to PART 3 of the #CAPTIONANDCREATE blog series! Before diving into this Instagram update review, I wanted to thank those of you who filled out the survey on PART 2 of the blog series! 

So, the last time around, I asked you guys about Instagram activeness. Has being active on Instagram helped or hindered your business? Are you guys more attracted to seeing the process or the finished product on Instagram? And about 80% of you guys agreed that being active on Instagram, whether you are showing the process OR the finished product, has progressed your business! 


I LOVE HEARING THAT! Instagram is a FREE marketing tool & I totally believe that, if used in the right way, we can all benefit from it. But, we have to keep up guys! 

The digital world is moving so quickly (with updates out every week, it seems like!) & as a photographer & business owner, I always strive to use Instagram to its fullest potential. So, today I am sharing THREE "photographer insights" on the newest Instagram update!

Photographers, you can now post on Instagram straight from you computer!


1. It saves you TIME!

I always like to post little previews while I'm editing. So my process usually looked like this - Export photo from Lightroom, Copy photo into FaceBook message, Open & Save photo to phone, Find & Crop photo to feed.  This process would usually take me about 10 minutes (which usually leads to 20 minutes scrolling through Instagram itself). With my last post, I used the update & posted the photo straight to my Instagram account within 2 minutes. So, previews are quick & effortless! 


2. It retains the QUALITY your image!

I would have to resize my images almost always so that they would download on my phone (without taking too much time to download the high-res). But, I love the fact that with the updated, I have the option to share the high resolution photo to my feed! Hallelujah! 


3. It helps you VISUALIZE your images on a larger platform! 

In the past, I have had some issues with my edits not coming out clear on my small phone screen. I noticed that the skin tones would be a bit more saturated than usual, so I would always go in on the Instagram editing tools & desaturate the image before posting it to my feed (again taking up time, & again dumbing down the quality of the original image). With this update, I can see my image for what it is (edits & all) on a larger platform rather than zooming in or out on my tiny phone-screen. Such a life saver! 


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Phillips Family | Celebration, FL

This family session was full of giggles, candids, & lots of cake pops for sweet, little August!


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Lo&Behold | Blogger Session


For year 2017, we started to offer blogger sessions for local lifestyle & fashion bloggers in the Orlando & Cincinnati areas! 

We've had the opportunity to photograph some amazing ladies so far & we can't wait to continue this program throughout the year! I wanted to share a few images from our recent blogger session with Lo from Lo&Behold.


Be sure to check out more information on our blogger sessions at the bottom of this BLOG post!


Our blogger session program is designed specifically for the social media influencer!  We currently have a 2 OUTFIT session & a 4 OUTFIT session option! We also include a 24 hour turnaround because we understand how important it is to have immediate content for your blog & social media platforms. Please, contact Sydney Norberg to get started!  


Nicole + Mathis | Wedding Day


Can't tell you how excited I was all day long. Mathis entered (and won) my engagement give-away last year before proposing to Nicole. He proposed to her in October & we got to shoot their awesome engagement session here in Winter Park in Novemebr. From there, they asked if I'd be a part of their wedding day.

And man-oh-man, was it a dream - from the dress to the bouquet, to the mi-worship session of their ceremony. Will always remember this incredible day celebrating Nicole & Mathis! 




Firstly, thank you guys for filling out the last survey in PART 1 of the #CAPTIONANDCREATE blog series! It was awesome hear feedback from those of you who utilize Instagram as a marketing tool for your business! One question I added to the survey was “Do you feel you have trouble marketing your business on Instagram?” It was super interesting to see that about 60% of you strongly agreed with this statement! 

My ultimate goal with the #CAPTIONANDCREATE blog series this summer is to change that number. And share what I’ve learned about Instagram over that past couple of years with those of you who desire to improve in your Instagram marketing strategy. I strongly encourage anyone I meet to truly practice & utilize the tools that this social media platform has laid out for all businesses, brands & photographers. With that being said, here are 5 simple reason to stay active on Instagram.


“Forget about being an expert or a professional, and wear your amateurism (your heart, your love) on your sleeve. Share what you love, and the people who love the same things will find YOU.”

- Austin Kleon, author of Show Your Work 


1. Let your work be seen!

Even though this is a pretty obvious reason to stay active on your Instagram, I believe people easily take advantage of this fact. When you share your work on social media, you bring endless opportunities to yourself. And with Instagram, we have so many ways to be found - through hashtags, geotags, Instagram stories, captions, tagged images, etc! Actually, a few months back, I posted an Instagram in a cute shop while I was out of town & a client found me through the tagged images on that specific shop. That session is still one of my favorites to this day!

So, ultimately you truly never know the impact your work has until you share it.     


2. Document the process or journey. 

After reading Show Your Work (highly recommended for all of you creatives!), I realized the value of sharing the process over the finished project. People love the story behind the image or the project - the behind-the-scenes footage, the "how-to's," the day to day lifestyle that your audience will relate to. 


3. Learn about your community & clients. 

I genuinely believe that being super active on Instagram, in a way, is form of marketing research for any given business. Your followers are the people admiring your work, checking out your blog posts, following your journey & ultimately sharing your work with their friends.  According to multiple articles on Forbes.com, understanding your audience is a major key to business success! 


4. Reach people beyond your local community. 

I've come across many scenarios where an "Instagram friend" needs head-shots or their sister is in need of a wedding photographer or a brand may need content for their social media platforms. When you're active on Instagram, your community can expand beyond your local clientele! Liking, commenting and following other photographers or Instagrammers is an easy way to grow your community immensely. And from your activeness & engagement with others, that community can transform into clients.  


5. Show that you have reliable + consistent work. 

The last reason to stay active on Instagram would be to show your audience the consistent work you can provide. For me, when I see a photographer putting out work or posting on Instagram every day, I know that they are reliable. I know they will promptly answer my Instagram message or email. I know that their style of photography is cohesive and clear to their viewers. And as a client, I will feel confident that I'll obtain the same quality images or content as seen every-day on their profile. 









Would you say that you are very active on your Instagram?
Do you think being active on Instagram has progressed your business or creative growth?
Do you enjoy seeing the process (or BTS) moreover the final product?
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