#CATIONANDCREATE - Instagram Mentorship



- 45 minute one-on-one mentor session with Sydney Norberg (via Skype or face-to-face)

- personalized hashtags to help you market to your specific audience 

- FREE access to the #CaptionandCreate Tips & Tricks Guide

- 20 minute follow-up with Sydney Norberg (via phone call or Skype)






"Sydney’s deep knowledge and understanding of visual branding was instrumental to me in the early stages of growing my Instagram account. Before meeting with Sydney, I was posting anything and everything, without a clear plan or strategy in place for success. After we met, I walked away with the tools I needed to develop my brand in a visual way, attract followers, increase engagement and earn an income. And, to top it all off, her individualized approach made me feel like I was talking to a friend I’ve known forever. She is kind, thoughtful, smart and Instagram savvy. I can’t recommend her enough!"



"As a freelancer videographer/photographer in New Zealand, I find posting on social media to be a bit of a chore. Figuring out what to post, what to say and when to post feels more like a job to me rather than enjoyment. I wanted a format that worked for both my photos and film, allowing me to share snippets of my work while I am on the go. Sydney has taught me how to generate traffic on the posts that are most important to my business.  With Sydney's advice applied I have started seeing 400 likes appearing on a single post - something I was not expecting to see so soon on."



"Sydney has very clearly and patiently taught me so much about how to brand myself and how to catch peoples' eye and interest via social media. She gave helpful tips, hints, examples, and answered my insanely long list of questions that led be to be able to better present myself as a musician and what I am about through Instagram. She is the best and has the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed, face, and personality."